Advance Level Borescope Inspection Training


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Duration : 28 Hours
Max Participant : 8


1. Introduction to the training and Training area

 1.1. Safety instructions and emergency procedures

 1.2. Facility

 1.3. Introduction

 1.4. Scope and main learning objectives

 1.5. Ongoing Assessments (Performance assessment form)

 1.6. Motivation

 1.7. Human Factors

 1.8. Personal protection equipment

2. Basic technical drawings introduction

 2.1. Bearings

 2.2. Gears.

 2.3. Assembled structures.

 2.4. Cut out images

 2.5. 3D Images

3. Planetary Stage Structure and technical drawings

 3.1. Single Planetary Stage Gearboxes

 3.2. Multiple Planetary Stage Gearboxes

 3.3. Reading and evaluating planetary Stage drawings

4. Helical stage Structure and technical drawings

 4.1. Helical stage with intermediate speed shaft

 4.2. Helical stage with Low Speed and High speed shaft combination.

5. Introduction of endoscopy device

 5.1. Type of visual inspection devices and lens configurations.

 5.2. The way of imaging of parts

 5.3. Practical exercises

6. Guiding tube using methods.

 6.1. Behaves of insertion tube without guiding tube.

 6.2. Behaves of insertion tube with guiding tube.

 6.3. Practical trainings of arrangement of guiding tube.

7. Evaluation of how to reach out inspection point.

8. Inspection Reporting