preventive Maintenance

Wind-ON is engaged in performing predetermined scheduled maintenance. We tailor the service solution according to your requirements. Wind-ON has a positive track record of performing full scope scheduled maintenance on a lump sum basis or execute outsourced parts of maintenance scope – the solution is up to you.

corrective Maintenance

Wind-ON performs all necessary activities to restore the turbine’s functionality in case of breakdown. We offer manpower and tool support for corrective maintenance projects and component exchanges. Wind-ONhas experience and competencies in operating independently to perform turbine retrofit and modification packages.

Execution of predetermined service program according to turbine type

Retrofit campaigns

Bolt retightening

Modifications and upgrades

Statutory inspections:
– FairWind holds manufacturers’ approved trainings on wide range of equipment

– Lifting and safety equipment

Main component exchange

Inspection and service of high voltage equipment

Correction of turbine failures


We have a fleet of fully eqıipped service vehicles dedicated to your service, all with their own teams behind the wheel

Fairwind understands that downtime can be extremely costly and we are here to help keep yours to a minimum with emphasis on safety, quality and professionalism at a fair price

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