Wind Energy Training

Groundbreaking Training by Wind-ON Academy. Simulated Wind Turbine training modules with 1:50 scale construction area and rich practical content.

     Wind-ON Service and Installation company based in Turkey and have capacity to work in Middle East, Africa and EU aiming to expand its services in Renewable Energy sector Beside of this Recently added very unique training modules for Borescope Inspections and Rigging lifting operations. Wind-ON aim to simulate operations in classroom with 1:50 scaled construction area consisting crane and turbine with same scale.

     Owner and Instructor Mr Nihat TONGUC who is expertised in Major Operations and Borescope Inspections since 2010. He has been involved in Operations during his working period at Vestas and General Eelctric company. He accomplished to be first inspector in Turkey and train site teams in different countries around the world. And now He is willing to share his all experiences and give opportunity to all bodies to get these trainings.

“Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence”

     Having 1:50 scaled construction area with automated cranes will give chance to participant to simulate critical points and make sustainable Training area instead of trying to find real construction area that is hard to reach for participants. By having this opportunity participant will use automated cranes by themself and manage to built 1:50 scaled Turbine in classroom.

     Borescope Inspection Training for Gearboxes is a rare training module so this could be a good chance for technicians to improve theirselves and add very valuable skills. Especially miniature parts refering planetary stages helical gears and bearings will bring parts on hand.

You are all welcome to our trainings.


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