Rotor Blade Replacement in Kazakhstan

A Successful Operation in Astana Despite Challenging Conditions

     In Astana, Kazakhstan, the Wind-On team meticulously completed the disassembly, rotation and reinstallation of a damaged wind turbine blade for repair on the ground.

     The harsh weather conditions encountered during the operation, such as cold weather, fog and snowfall, were a significant challenge for the team. However, Wind-On never abandoned its safety-first policy and successfully carried out this mission, demonstrating its experience and expertise in the field.

     With this operation, Wind-On had a successful operation in Central Asia. The company has once again demonstrated its experience and expertise in the sector with the major component replacements it has carried out so far.

Wind-On Major Component Replacement Activities;

  • Gearbox
  • Main bearing
  • Main Shaft
  • Blade
  • Generator
  • Blade bearing
  • Hub

     The operation also emphasizes the importance of sustainable and reliable services in the field of wind energy. Such technical operations play an important role for the future of wind energy and environmental sustainability.

     With this operation, Wind-On has demonstrated its capacity to provide quality services even under challenging conditions. The company will continue to offer its knowledge and experience in addressing technical challenges in the wind turbine sector for the industry in the future.